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Part2ism & Tamara Seabrook

Walk around the streets of London these days and you're more than likely going to see a significant work by street artists Banksy or Part2ism & Tamara Seabrook. They are the heavy hitters of contemporary London 'Street Art'. This is a euphemism for something beyond graffiit or tagging. Usually the work is far more elaborate, and contextual in nature. We are very proud to be able to break these works in North America (and indeed the USA) in their very first showing here. The following is a statement from the artists;


Keith Hopewell (Part2ism) and Tamara Seabrook began working on these exhibition pieces in September 2008 through to March 2009. As Keith’s began to explore the erotic realm and returned to his earlier technique of photorealistic painting it seemed a natural progression to collaborate with Tamara. In Seabrook’s own work she is not just a photographer but also often the figure of her own images that explore sexuality, life and death. The images for the exhibition were created using photography. As Hopewell only works with three tones on these monochrome pieces specific attention was paid to the lighting when constructing the images. The final images were then painted onto canvases and walls at various locations in Central London. The artwork had to be set in different spaces in time which makes interesting the idea of images of ‘images’ that are idioms more than images. The latter suggests the slipperiness of not just language but of the assessment and assignment of meaning, grounded in a percolating tumult of temporality and context. Hopewell ‘s unique application of car spray are reminiscent of old black and white grained film, you can visually feel and smell it which enhances the sensual tones of the nude figures. The politics of these artworks are not solely located in the art object but also in the process as the images require an interpretation that combines an understanding of both the formal construction of the image and its function as a performative intervention in space. The paintings are bold, beautiful and jarring, reflecting the dissonance of the modern industrial world.


Tamara Seabrook was born in the United Kingdom and lived in Italy, France, Germany and New York. She studied art at Leeds College of Art and Design and is currently undertaking her PhD in Curating and Fine Art under Peter Lewis of Goldsmiths and St Martins College in London. She is a published writer and social activist and has worked together with artists and photographers worldwide. Among which are the photographers James Graham, Paolo Frunzio and Alva Bernadine. Most notable has been the collaboration with Gary Breckheimer. Their work was recognized with an International Ffne Art Award in Los Angeles 2007. She is currently exhibiting together with Alva Bernadine at The Urban Angel Gallery, London.

london street art anthology

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Prestel USA (September 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3791343165
ISBN-13: 978-3791343167
Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.7 x 0.6 inches


The duo has also been featured in a just-released book on the subject titled the "London Street Art Anthology" by Alex MacNaughton. Here is an official description of the book:

"A comprehensive visual record of the London street art scene, this book showcases the best local and international urban artists who have used London as their canvas.

Acclaimed photographer Alex MacNaughton has made it his mission to capture every kind of street art-from stencils to wheatpastes and stickers to murals. Brimming with new works found all over London, this riot of colour, political commentary, passion, and humour is presented in stunning reproductions, each labeled with the street location, and featuring artists such as Sweet Toof, Swoon, and Eine. From femme fatales by CopyRight to huge multi-artist murals by AAGH crew, the scope of this groundbreaking book is reflected in a larger format which shows off the stunning new photography. Illuminated with quotes by the artists and gallerists who show their work, this exciting new book reflects how London as a city, a home, a gallery, and a studio influences street art today. "

Please follow this link if you would like to learn more about their work

Part2ism & Tamara pictured with a recent work.

"Bridge", Enamel Spray Paint on Canvas.
part2ism-tamara-seabrook-stretch-painting"Stretch", aerosol enamel spray paint and sign paint on Canvas, 96” x 36"
Creature 2 "Creature 2" 40" x 60", aerosol enamel spray paint and sign paint on Canvas.
part2ism and tamara seabrook -  portrait"Portrait" 40" x 60", aerosol enamel spray paint and sign paint on Canvas.
fdgsg"Inverted Madonna"
5"Censored Nude"


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