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Scanning 101

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Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Location: at gallery in Hollywood
Duration: one half day
Dates: See available sessions below

Think you know how to use your scanner? Think again. To be fair - there ARE huge differences between different scanners - and getting the right unit is definitely part of the struggle in acquiring phenomenal images. Did you know that you can get a phenomenal scanner that can handle many formats of film and prints for a hundred dollars or less?  Don't believe the hype! Use your scanner to create high quality artwork or publication.

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darkroom enlarger set up

Topics covered in the workshop are:

  • Identifying and finding an exceptional scanner on a budget (get the same results as a $10K scanner for a hundred dollars)
  • calibration and learning to home in on your scannner's 'sweet spot'
  • using the right software
  • using histograms to set up initial color balance and setting up color profiles for film and other uses
  • scanning film and transparent materials for reproduction and print production
  • alternative uses for your scanner that never occurred to you
  • scanning for success - mastering workflow and getting amazing prints
  • troubleshooting session/Q&A

Prerequisites: Intermediate experience with photoshop required or else Photoshop 101

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Space in this workshop will be limited to 10 (ten) participants.  Workshop length is three hours, held each Wednesday from 7-9:30 PM. Each participant will be given attention according to their needs. Questions and answers are encouraged throughout the session and individual help is available during the workshops . The workshop fee is $105 and $90 for members (and a further $10 off if purchased online). Groups also welcome by prior arrangement. Individual instruction is also available upon inquiry.  All workshops must be paid for (or else a deposit left) before 72 hours (three days) from the start of a workshop or else a penalty fee of $25 will apply. Payment may be made online in advance (see below) at a discounted rate. Payments taken by telephone, fax or in person will be at the normal rate and will not reflect the discount for online purchases.

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