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Simon Larbalestier

Simon's work is perhaps recognizable to most as the art used by the late 80s/early 90s music group 'The Pixies' for their album covers. His work has been shown in galleries and magazines the world over. We feel the work speaks for itself.

Early Original Works

Simon Larbalestier Original Handmade Exhibition Prints

Simon Larbalestier - Original Handmade Photographs from Exhibition and for Purchase

(incl. original work for Pixies albums and original fine art photographs). A small pool of residual handmade prints by Simon, invdividually stamped and signed by SL.  A fantastic investment for the beginning collector of fine photography.







Original Print Price List - here (see below for editions)


Simon Larbalestier New Print Editions

Simon Larbalestier - New Editions.

Classic Images from the Pixies' Albums and Other Works including the new work 'Minotaur'

Print editions digitally remastered and lab-printed from original negatives.

We have been working very hard with Simon to digitally archive and reprint his original works with the latest in digital hybrid technology.  This way we are able to get the best of both worlds - while the prints don't quite have the quiet intimacy of the silver gelatin handmade prints - they are just as crisp and sharp as the originals and are available in much larger sizes where required.  A fantastic solution for the fan of his work who doesn't have the resources to collect the originals.



Click on image to view editions available.


Simon Larbalestier - The Minotaur Prints

Simon Larbalestier minotaur

The Web Folio - This is a special preview of the Minotaur book starting production soon (not to be confused with anything available from the 'Pixies Minotaur'). Think of it as a 'director's cut'!

Click on image at left to view.

Or click here to purchase original Minotaur prints by Simon Larbalestier from our web store.




Currriculum Vitae:

1962 Born in Pembrokeshire, U.K.


1981- 84 BA (Hons) Graphics: Newcastle-upon Tyne Polytechnic

1985- 87 MA (RCA) Illustration, Royal College of Art, London


1989 Nominated for Creative Futures Illustration Category

1986 & 1987 Basil Alkazzi Travelling Scholarships to Greece


Selected Exhibitions

2005 Beau Damon Richards Gallery, San Pedro, California

2004 "Simon Larbalestier", Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona

"The Pixies", Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona

2003 "Dreamland", Galleri Thomas Ehrngren, Stockholm, Sweden

1999 "Simon Larbalestier", Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1999 "Attracting to Emptiness", Edge Company, London

1999 "Simon Larbalestier", Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1999 "88 2 99", Houston Gallery, Seattle, USA

Group Exhibitions

2005 "Art of Music", Forest Lawn Museum, Glendale, California

2002 "Circus, Carnivals, Freaks & Oddities", CPOP Gallery, Detroit, USA

1993 "Gate 14", Henry Moore Gallery, RCA, London

1992 "How Noisy Everything Grows", Upper Gulbenkian Gallery, RCA, London

1991 "Still Lives", The Special Photographer's Gallery, London

"Selected Works", The Special Photographer's Gallery, London

1990 "Original Copies" (touring show), Henry Moore Gallery, RCA, London;

National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; Axis Gallery, Tokyo; Century Plazza, Nagoya; La Foret Gallery, Tokyo

1989 "Animal Magic", The Special Photographer's Gallery, London

"Camley Street - Green at the end of the Tunnel", The Special Photographer's Gallery London

"Ghosts", toured Italy, curated by The Special Photographer's Gallery, London

"Creative Futures", Hamilton's Gallery, London

"Simon Larbalestier/Ewan Fraser", The Special Photographer's Gallery, London

1988 "Breakthrough", Henry Moore Gallery, RCA, London

"On the Border", The Special Photographer's Gallery, London

"Travelling Eye", The Diorama Gallery, London

1987/88 "RCA in Japan", Tokyo

Selected Design Exhibitions associated with Vaughan Oliver/v23

1994 "This Rimy River", Murray Feldman Gallery, Pacific Design, Los Angeles, USA

1993 "Glove",GG Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1992 "Glove", DDD Gallery, Osaka, Japan

1991 "Exhibition/Exposition Vaughan Oliver/v23", Espace Grasli, Nantes & PavillionTusquets, Parc de la Villette, Paris

Other Selected Design Exhibitions

1991 "The Art of Selling Songs", Victoria & Albert Museum, London

"The Art of Science", City of Plymouth Museums & Art Gallery

1990 "Design in the Public Service The Dutch PPT 1920- 1990", Design Museum, London


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